Raced on a downstream course from the Boat Race Finish to the Harrods Depository, Quintin Head, to be raced on the 27th of January, is an opportunity for the Club to have Tideway race practice before its forthcoming fixtures. Racing against crew from UL, Thames, Molesey, and Imperial College, the Club has entered two crews as Goldie Boat Club,


Goldie (Elite)
c) Hugo Ramambason (Trinity), B
str) Freddie Davidson (Emmanuel), B
7) Rob Hurn (St. Edmund’s),
6) Spencer Furey (Jesus),
 5) Finn Meeks (Hughes),
4) James Letten (Hughes), B
3) Dara Alizadeh (Hughes),
2) Charles Fisher (St. John’s), B
bow) Patrick Elwood G

Goldie (Senior)

c) Harry Ellison-Wright (Clare)
 str) Callum Sullivan (Downing)
7) Reggie Mitchell (Trinity)
6) Gerard Kuenning (Queens’)
5) Rob Harris (Pembroke)
4) Riccardo Conci (Clare)
3) Dave Bell (Homerton)
2) Piers Kasas (Trinity) G
bow) Tom Strudwick (Christ’s) G
(B = Blue, G = Goldie)
Results will be available at http://quintinboatclub.org/quintinhead/index.php