Freddie Davidson (s) Rob Hurn Spencer Furey Finn Meeks Hugo Ramambason (cox)

Band 1 Coxed 4 Winners: Freddie Davidson (s), Rob Hurn, Spencer Furey, Finn Meeks, Hugo Ramambason (cox)


The 2017 Fours Head was held on Sunday 12 November. A domestic time
trial from Mortlake to Putney. It was the first opportunity to race
after the cancellation of the National Championships in November and
the first real measure against the Dark Side.

Chief Coach Steve Trapmore was encouraged by the results posted by the
CUBC’s five crews, headlined by a third successive win in Elite Coxed
Fours (now called Band 1 Coxed Fours).


Steve notes: “The results are a reflection of a productive first 14 weeks of the programme. It was pleasing to see the top coxed four take
the win again and place 6th overall which is the highest finish position since 2008 (4th) and also our 5th coxed four to take the Band
2 win. Our other crews produced solid performances against respective Oxford opposition. We are fully aware of the context of this marker
which is simply a good platform to step on to the next phase of the programme.”

Results and Crew Lists:

Band 1 4-
Goldie E (Kasas, Sullivan, Mitchell, Harris) 8th -18:59

Band 1 4+
Goldie A (Davidson, Hurn, Furey, Meeks, Ramambason (c)) – 1st, 18:32
Goldie B (Alizadeh, Letten, Rees, Fisher, Spaughton (c)) 3rd – 19:07
Goldie C (Elwood,Strudwick, Kuenning. Bell, Hashmi (c)) 4th – 19:09

Band 2 4+
Goldie D (Conci, Page, Ringer, Nugent): 1st 19:45

With Fours Head complete the squads focusing moves towards Trial 8s on
Tuesday December 5th at 1:55pm.

Winners of Band 2 Coxed Fours: Riccardo Conci, Jonty Page, Sam Ringer, Tim Nugent, Harry Ellison-Wright (cox)

Winners of the Band 2 4+ Riccardo Conci, Jonty Page, Sam Ringer, Tim Nugent, Harry Ellison-Wright (cox)






Photos with thanks to Dr. Michael Franklin and Bjoern Zeeb