14 Hugo Ramambason

Established in 1828, the Cambridge University Boat Club is a club with a rich history of success and an extremely proud heritage. It is a great honour to have been elected as President for the 2018 Boat Race campaign. I am looking forward to leading a strong squad of dedicated athletes in preparation for the 164th instalment of this historic race.

The single goal for our Club is clear and well defined - to defeat the rowers of Oxford University on the day of the Boat Race. My experiences over the past three years have showed me that the passion and commitment within the CUBC to succeed in fulfilling this goal is as fierce as it has ever been. To achieve the goal of defeating Oxford is not a simple task. Oxford are worthy opponents and the campaign is filled with hard work and sacrifice. However, if you do make the commitment, you will join a unique group of individuals and forever be a part of the fellowship of Cambridge oarsmen and coxswains. To race in the light blue of the CUBC is an incredible honour and one you will hold dear for the rest of your life.

With top-level facilities including our new boat-house, opened last year, a passionate and experienced coaching team, and a competitive and supportive environment that pushes each athlete to reach their full potential, Cambridge University is a great place to achieve your rowing and academic goals. We have a proud record of developing promising athletes; none of the five alumni selected to National Teams for the 2017 World Championships in Sarasota had rowed at that level before passing through our program. 

If you have what it takes to help us achieve our one goal, the only goal—to defeat the rowers of Oxford—please get in touch.

Hugo Ramambason